Healthy Living

We are committed to providing opportunities for personal growth. Following are some of the programs available:

  • Community Garden –  The Leadership Members of Neumann University, along with their mentors, began the process of creating a community garden by clearing the area to be used of all growth and weeds. In late September, family members of staff completed the preparation by framing and laying the plant and vegetable beds. In mid-October, Best Mulch, Inc. donated and delivered the soil, and students from Bache-Martin Elementary School in Philadelphia under the direction of their teacher, Jeff Rupertus, filled the beds with soil.

Members of the Neumann University lacrosse team volunteer to “give birth” to the 2nd year of Anna’s Place garden.

Neumann University lacrosse team members and coach Christie Malone join Sr. Maria for a day of work in the garden at Anna’s Place.

  • Presentations & Discussions of Health Topics – Every other Tuesday, Kathy Lehman, RN and Marge Omlor, R.N. present information on an important health topic which is followed by a group discussion. Some of the topics presented include: What’s Your Healthy Weight?; Influenza Prevention; Hypothermia; Gun Safety; Stroke Prevention; Depression in the Elderly. A Certificate  is awarded each person who attends 4 consecutive classes.
  • Visiting Nurse – Each Thursday, Maxine Graves, RN and Vickie Berry, RN are available at Anna’s Place to meet one-on-one with anyone who has a medical concern or who wishes to have their blood pressure checked. Regular blood pressure screenings can detect and encourage management of hypertension, and it may help identify potential life-threatening conditions such as strokes, kidney failure, and heart problems.


  • Exercise – Chair exercise is a fun way to get your blood pumping and waking up parts of your body which tend to be dormant from lack of use. We follow an instructional video to lead us through a series of non-invasive exercises which are good for improving flexibility & balance, and relieving aches & pains. All are welcome to attend classes every Monday and Wednesday. In addition, a chair exercise class is held on Tuesday at 12:30pm, prior to Bingo.

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  • Social Events – Thanks to the generosity of our partners in ministry, Neumann University and Archmere Academy, tickets are made available to attend plays, musicals and shows at little to no cost.

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  • Spiritual Events – The Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston extends invitations to Anna’s Place friends to attend retreats and conferences at a reduced rate. A Sister of St. Francis, who is a certified spiritual director, is available every Thursday during lunch to talk, request prayers or pray with someone if there is a need.

Annas Retreat

  • Computer Class – Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced classes are scheduled Monday and Wednesday. If because of distance, health or safety, students attending class may be chauffeured by Gus Lugay in the Anna’s Place van.

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Women and men gather for classes that follow a simple and clear syllabus. There will be a class for you whether you are a beginner, or are desirous of learning additional skills. The classes are taught by staff and volunteers, and are enhanced by reconnecting with former neighbors, as well as making new friends.

After completing all of the sessions, the class celebrates by enjoying a luncheon, during which each student receives a Certificate of Achievement.

  • Anyone interested in attending one of the classes may contact at 484-361-5900
  • Library – There is a selection of books appropriate for pre-school children through adults. In addition, informational material (local job opportunities, educational and social events, articles on healthy lifestyle choices and more) is available on the table in the 1st floor hallway.


  • Dining and Socializing – Lunch is served every Thursday from 12:00pm-1:00pm. The welcoming environment at Anna’s Place gives people the opportunity to build a sense of community. Strangers initially, guests soon become neighbors and friends.

The menu for each month is posted.

People gather around the table for a nutritious meal and conversation. A table prayer is usually placed on each table.

Lunch guests are requested to pray for those who donate the food and for those who use their time to prepare and serve the food.

Lunch guests are also invited to share special needs they may have with a staff person who may be able to assist.

Annas Place helpers

  • Games – As a Franciscan Hospitality Ministry, Anna’s Place organizes weekly games to establish and sustain a welcoming, caring and safe environment in the Chester community. Those who participate in the activities compete with one another to win prizes. All prizes for game players are donated friends of Anna’s Place, many by our sisters in Assisi House, the Franciscan retirement Home in Aston. Donated refreshments are also provided.

Bingo: Tuesday, 1:00pm-2:30pm (chair exercise at 12:30pm)