Making A Better Chester

We at Anna’s Place support the Mission and Objectives of Heeding God’s Call.


Our Mission & Objectives

Heeding God’s Call is a faith-based movement to prevent gun violence.

We unite people of faith in the sacred responsibility to protect our brothers, sisters and children.

  • Helping local faith communities organize advocacy campaigns to encourage gun shops to adopt a code of conduct to deter illegal purchasing and trafficking of handguns;
  • Providing support and resources for faith communities to form multi-racial, ecumenical and interfaith partnerships working together, on both social and legislative levels, to prevent gun violence;
  • Serving as a ‘connection point’ for congregations and partnerships to connect with, learn from and support the work of gun violence prevention organizations and efforts already in place; and
  • Advocating for faith communities to make commitments to raise voices and take action to prevent gun violence.


Our Belief:

As people of faith…

  • We embrace Dr. Martin Luther King’s hope for peace and safety in our communities.
  • We resist apathy to this epidemic of violence, because fear, closed doors, and separation will not end it.
  • We unite to bring God’s vision of a peaceable kingdom, without the violent loss of over 30,000 American lives by gunfire each year.


Our Witness

Handguns reach streets and neighborhoods through a highly developed illegal trade – gun trafficking. These are the guns used to threaten, wound, maim and kill. The linchpins of gun trafficking are criminal entrepreneurs, traffickers, the straw buyers who stand in for them to make their bulk purchases and gun dealers who look the other way and enjoy the profits.

Heeding God’s Call helps faith communities organize to publicly pressure local gun stores to adopt a set of practices to deter straw purchasing.


Specifically, we witness together at a gun shop in Linwood, PA which is known for facilitating straw purchases.


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